Welcome to the Kansas City, Missouri Community Development CDE (KCMO CDE) website.

The KCMO CDE is a 501(c)(4) community development entity committed to creating opportunities in Kansas City's most economically distressed communities.

Whether it is providing financing to a business or catalytic development project through the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program, financing property improvements through its façade improvement loan program, supporting microlending to start-up and small businesses, or helping to deliver services and resources to small business owners and residents of low income communities (LICs) through its many strategic partners, the KCMO CDE is dedicated to promoting and supporting innovative, targeted and collaborative economic and community development initiatives to help build and grow vibrant, sustainable and prosperous communities throughout Kansas City, Missouri.

KCMO CDE Opens Final RFP Round in 2014

The KCMO CDE is currently accepting proposals for its third and final RFP round in 2014. Operating companies, real estate development entities, and not-for-profit organizations seeking New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) facilitated financing for eligible investment activity in qualified low-income census tracts in Kansas City, Mo are welcome to apply.

Eligible investment activity by operating companies includes significant capital expenditures such as machinery or equipment as well as other fixed assets. Additional expenditures by operating companies eligible for NMTC facilitated financing includes substantial rehab or improvements to existing facilities, some working capital, even debt refinancing. Real estate development related investments are also eligible and include land/property acquisition, hard/soft construction costs, FFE, etc. for most industrial, commercial (including office and retail), and mixed-use developments (where less than 20% of rental revenue is derived from commercial rents).

Financing preference will be given to investments that create living wage jobs (especially for residents of low-income communities), provide goods and services to low-income communities, and/or support M/W/DBEs. Real estate investments that support or promote infill, historic rehab, as well as “green” design and building principles will also be given preference.

The application for NMTC facilitated financing is currently available on the KCMO CDE NMTC webpage here: KCMO CDE New Market Tax Credit Program. Prospective applicants are encouraged to first complete the eligibility checklist prior to completing an application.

The deadline to apply for this RFP Round is December 1st, 2014.

For questions about the NMTC Program or how to apply, please contact the KCMO CDE’s Executive Director Ruben Alonso III at 816-216-1851, ext. 2 or ruben_alonso@kcmocde.org.

KCMO CDE Closes on $10 Million NMTC Transaction

The KCMO CDE closed on its 12th NMTC transaction in September, partnering with Central Bank of Kansas City’s CDE to provide facilitated financing for the Linwood Area Ministry Place's (LAMP) historic rehabilitation of the former Linwood Boulevard Presbyterian Church located on southwest corner of Linwood Boulevard and Michigan Avenue. Located in a federally designated mental health professional shortage area, the $10 million redevelopment of the church and adjacent Harold Thomas Center will become the new home for ReDiscover, which is a nonprofit community mental health agency that offers a full spectrum of programs and services for people whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness and/or substance abuse. ReDiscover specifically helps men, women, and children who have limited income, no insurance or who are under-insured. This project was recently featured in an article in the Kansas City Business Journal.

To learn more about this project, visit our September Newsletter For specific questions about the NMTC Program, please contact the KCMO CDE’s Executive Director Ruben Alonso III at 816-216-1851, ext. 2 or ruben_alonso@kcmocde.org.

Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO)

The KCMO CDE is proud to be an Affiliate Partner of New York-based Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO). We offer the WIBO 16-Week Workshop, How to Build a Growing Profitable Business, to support the startup and growth of entrepreneurs from low-income and underserved communities. The WIBO 16-Week Workshop is held twice per year in the spring and fall. Enrollment is now open for the fall 2014 session beginning on Thursday, September 25th.

The Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO) 16-Week Workshop: How to Build a Growing Profitable Business is for entrepreneurs currently running a business or who plan to open a specific business within one year. WIBO is comprehensive and rigorous, combining extensive curriculum, a supportive and interactive class format, the expertise of business owners and subject experts, guest speakers, and mentoring to offer participants a truly unique experience. Participants learn the skills and confidence necessary to start and manage all aspects of their own business. With a strong emphasis on marketing and financials, participants learn how to build a profitable business model.

Visit the WIBO website to learn more. If you are interested in this program or have any questions about the WIBO workshop, please contact Amanda Wilson at 816-216-1851 or email amanda_wilson@kcmocde.org.

The Community Capital Fund

  • The Community Capital Fund was founded with an initial grant by the KCMO CDE in 2012 to support innovative and measurable community development in historically under-invested and under-resourced areas of Kansas City, Missouri. The CCF supports community development and neighborhood capacity building in Kansas City through thoughtful and targeted programming with the Neighborhood Opportunity Grant program and the Community Development Workshop to transform communities of distress into communities of opportunity. Visit the CCF website to learn more.